Your personal
climatic spa.

There are many allergens in our indoor air. People suffering from allergies mostly react to several triggers: Household dust, mites, pollen, animal hair and mould spores. The allergy releasing substances are inhaled or come in contact with the mucous membranes in the nose or in the eyes. The consequences are typical symptoms such as watery, swollen eyes, blocked nose, itching or sneezing attacks.


Take a time out when allergens overburden your immune system. Air purifier and air washers contribute considerably to the alleviation of symptoms indoors and transform your rooms into comfort zones.




IDEAL air purifiers and air washers - the ideale support for allergy sufferers.

Highly efficient cleaning systems with
sophisticated filter technology ensure
natural, healthy air indoors.

Reduce complaints

Filter pollen, allergens and other 
toxins from indoor air.

Preventative effects

Can prevent worsening and
increase in allergies.

Ensure recuperation

Enable you to sleep peacefully again
and to re-energise.

Fewer medicines

Replace or reduce the intake of 
medication and their side effects.

Return to full performance

Promote concentration and reduce

Ideal air… for my health

“I suffered especially badly with my hay fever in the springtime. I kept waking up during the night because I couldn’t breathe properly and slept fitfully. Then I was often tired, irritable and lacked concentration during the day. Thanks to the air purifier my complaints were considerably alleviated and my quality of life has markedly improved.”


“Now I can sleep peacefully and breathe freely again. This increases my well-being and vitality and a considerably improves my quality of life.“

Ideal air... for my baby

”My baby is very susceptible to respiratory diseases. As an infant's immune system is not fully developed yet and as some detoxification enzymes are still missing, an infant's lungs are more vulnerable than other organs. They breathe twice as often as adults and therefore react more sensitively. I would like to have a positive influence on this and prevent possible late affects.“


”So that the sensitive lung is protected and possible allergies are prevented. The super-silent operation allows my baby to have a healthy and peaceful sleep.“

Ideal air… for our home

”My wife is always cold in winter. Therefore, we heat our home strongly during the cold season of the year. Unlike my wife, I am not overly pleased with this. Because of the dry air I regularly suffer from respiratory problems and tiredness. Since we have had an air humidifier working every day, we are both content as it is warm and the indoor air is hygienically humidified and purified.“


”So that my wife is warm and I can breath freely in a hygienically humidified and purified indoor air. Like this we are both pleased.“